Our mission…

Save Hillcrest provides educational opportunities regarding land-use issues in our award-winning neighborhood and provides related activities of an informational nature as allowed by law. Our objective is to insure that the community is completely informed about changes in their neighborhood.

Community Plan Update >

  • The last community plan was written in 1988.
  • Efforts to update the plan have been ongoing since 2009
  • Uptown Planners continue to discuss the “draft plan”

Follow the links to information related to the Plan Update.

Draft Plan created by the City of San Diego

Uptown Planners

Uptown News (July 2015)

Rebuttal to Hillcrest Business Association position on Historic Districts (December 2015)


Ways to support our efforts

Save Hillcrest is an all-volunteer organization. Please consider volunteering some of your time or making a donation to help us in our efforts.