Save Hillcrest Position Statement on Hillcrest Hotel

Update: This project, located at Third and University) did not move forward. Ultimately the parcel was sold and developed. It is now the site of a Walgreens.

Save Hillcrest understands that the proposed Hillcrest Hotel, also known as 301 University, is the most desirable proposal provided to the community for the site to date.  It is worth noting that the height of the building is 7 feet higher than the interim height ordinance at the parapet and 15 feet higher than the interim height ordinance at the architectural element.  Given that this project brings many community benefits including highly desired open-space at the northwest corner and a significantly reduced scale from the previous version, Save Hillcrest finds the project acceptable.

Architectural design is not an expertise of the organization, and we will defer to the talents on the Uptown Community Planners to make recommendations regarding design elements that are complimentary to our older neighborhood.

However, if Uptown Community Planners should decide to recommend approval of this project, Save Hillcrest would like to propose that the following Site Development Permit Conditions be added to the motion:

  1. Both Lanes of University Avenue must remain open in both directions at all times during construction.
  2. Construction vehicles must park on the property, bordering the property or off-site during construction.  No additional street parking for construction employees.
  3. No net loss of public parking spaces following construction.
  4. The developer or contractor must maintain appearance of construction site including fencing and graffiti removal during construction.

Our mission…

Save Hillcrest provides educational opportunities regarding land-use issues in our award-winning neighborhood and provides related activities of an informational nature as allowed by law. Our objective is to insure that the community is completely informed about changes in their neighborhood.

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