Third and University

Update: The development of this project was set aside by the La Jolla Development. The parcel was sold and is not the site of Walgreens.

Planned Hillcrest boutique hotelLa Jolla Pacific Development has plans for a new boutique hotel project at 301 University (between Third & Fourth along University Avenue). Uptown Planners approved the hotel concept 13-0 at their December meeting with the understanding that the final project must be at the proposed height or lower. Save Hillcrest’s Position Statement was read, and La Jolla Pacific Development was in general agreement with all of the elements of our Site Development Permit Conditions with the exception of item #3 (No net loss of public parking space.) The developer indicated that the City might mandate that some curbs must be red and the parking spaces would be out of their control. Leo Wilson, Uptown Planners Chair, suggested that City officials be invited to the Uptown Planners if that should happen.

The final project is expected to come before the Uptown Planners in April 2009.